What Does Your Favorite Market Snack Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Market Snack Say About You?

As the only place in Gambier that sells delicacies like market chili and the always popular Keystone Light, the Village Market has a special place in our hearts. Next time you’re in need of a study break, pregame provisions, or just something to inhale while binge-watching Big Little Lies , take note of your chosen snack and finally figure out who you really are.

bigs BIGS!!!

You love to do The Most, including getting Cheez-Its so large that they’ll cover your entire tongue. You’re probably a member of 6 clubs, a double major, and already have a summer internship at a hip New York publishing company. Go you!

skinnypopWhite Cheddar Skinny Pop

You’re perfect 💯, you’re beautiful 👰, you look 👀 like Linda Evangelista 💃.. You’re a model 💋 💅. Everything 🔁 about you ☞ is perfect 💯! Did you stone 💎 those tights 👢 ?
Oh, you’re smiling 👱 ! They eat 🍽 her up 🔝 EVERY🕛SINGLE🕧TIME🕗 she’s on that damned 👹 stage 🏁.She 😡ftsdbsds😣. She could walk 👣 out there in a fucking 😠 diaper 👶 and they’ll 👥 be like 🗣: “Valentina! 👰 Your smile 👄 is beautiful! 😍”

Basically, everyone likes you and you never disappoint.

0042800008830_CF_Flat_type_largePizza Rolls

You consider yourself a true gourmet and pride yourself on your taste for the best things in life. Instead of choosing something easy like a bag of chips, you go for something that actually requires a microwave to heat up. Edgy!


Sour Gummy Worms

You’re still a kid at heart and can often be seen stopping to pet every dog you come across or campaigning for your professor to have class outside. You first learned about Kenyon after getting very into John Green and you still have a Fault In Our Stars sticker on your laptop.

seaweedDried Seaweed

You have approximately 5 healthy plants and one that always seems either dehydrated or over-watered sitting on your windowsill. This summer, you’ll be hiking all 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail in an attempt to hide from the guilt of never going on an Outdoor’s Club trip. Good luck!

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