10 o’clock list: 16 Things To Do With the 16ish Days Left in the Semester

10 o’clock list: 16 Things To Do With the 16ish Days Left in the Semester

We’re coming to the end kids. We’re wrapping up the year with a nice decorative bow and the stress of finals. All the fanciful adventures you’ve been meaning to go on, may or may not have happened, but there is still time! Have no fear: with roughly 16 days left in the semester there is time to squeeze in some wonderful activities that only our campus has to offer.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if 16 days is the correct number. What day should I count from? What day should I count to? Who’s to say what counting is? I’m leaving on the 13th so everyone just go with the number 16.

So if you’re an uncreative swine with no idea what to do with your remaining time on campus here are 16 ideas.

  1. Collect as much gravel from middle path in your shoes as possible. We’re paying for this place so get your money’s worth of gravel.
  2. Lick every public art piece on campus. Yum, those angels outside of Rosse.
  3. Take a picture with every purple accent wall in Olin.
  4. Floss.
  5. Eat the jello that sometimes appears in the salad bar next to the quinoa.
  6. Pee into the wind.
  7. Go to sunset point for the sunrise. Yes, the sun will be behind you, but come on, get wild.
  8. Write haikus to your professors.
  9. Steal a lock of hair from a senior. They’re leaving, so now is the last time to be able to possess a fragment of their being.
  10. Switch everybody’s tooth brushes around in your dorm, apartment, suite etc. Oral Herpes, Mono and the plague are all just part of the experience.
  11. Write the word goiter on every white board you pass. An extension to this activity is to look up what a goiter is if you are unaware.
  12. Place a single raisin on every bench on Middle Path.
  13. Go to the KAC to sit on one of the bikes and eat a market dog.
  14. Go to the graveyard and watch a home birthing video. Can you say juxtaposition of life and death???
  15. Fill somebody’s backpack with cheese sticks.
  16. Fill everybody’s backpacks with cheese sticks.

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