“What to Do With Too Much Papikra”

Hey fam! I’ve been in Dublin for the last couple of months now.  It’s such a lovely city and has been such a privilege to study abroad here.  Even more so than at Kenyon, it means that I’m extremely independent for the first time in my life having to cook for myself, buying my own dishes, and needing to -gasp- buy my own toilet paper.  Of course, because I’m a hot mess of a person, this means that I’ve been reliant on google more so than ever.  Segues are not my area of expertise, so without further ado here are some of my google searches that provided me with life-saving advice.

  1. “what to do with too much papikra” – Here’s the deal.  A couple of months ago, I bought a little bottle of papikra to use as seasoning.  I was following a recipe for shakshuka and I thought I would go for it 100%.  However, after I made my shakshuka , I haven’t needed it again.  Now, with less than a month before I head back home, I need to get rid of an almost full container of papikra. So, I thought I would turn to google for recipes with papikra.  Google was not helpful in this occasion though, only coming up with results about people pouring too much papikra on whatever they were making.
  2. “Mother’s Day Ireland” –  This one really had me confused.  Back at the end of March, my friends and I kept noticing advertisements for Mother’s Day brunches and deals.  I kinda thought nothing of it until “Mother’s Day” hit on March 26.  I immediately panicked, thinking I had forgotten about Mother’s Day and that I had disappointed my mom.  I quickly used google to discover when Mother’s Day was.  It turns out Mother’s Day in Ireland and the United Kingdom is earlier than in the United States.  You learn something new everyday.
  3. “public urination laws Ireland” – I was doing my home stay weekend in the lovely, small town of Gorey which is about an hour to the south of Dublin.  My host family lived about a mile from the town itself so it meant I had to walk back and forth and the first couple of times it was totally fine.  Then on Saturday night, I was walking back from the pub after partaking in the local custom of drinking the beverage known as Guinness (ever heard of it?), when nature called.  I was still a good 3/4 of a mile away from the house, so I quickly pulled up google on my phone to help me.  Ultimately, google wasn’t that much help in finding out the laws of the land and seeing that I didn’t want to take a trip to the local Garda station, I sucked it up and made it back to the house.
  4. “best brunch places with mimosas Dublin” – I’m basic and I like brunch with bottomless mimosas.  Google was a success with this one and if you’re ever in Dublin, check out The Revolution.  I’ve included the menu just so you can see how fantastic google was on this occasion.
  5. “without further ado” – This one will blow your mind.  You may have noticed earlier that I said this exact same phrase.  Would it surprise you to learn that I wasn’t sure if it was “without further ado” or “without further adieu”?  I am not an English major so don’t judge me.

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