Where was it said: Sendoff or In Bed?

As the weekend of Sendoff 2017 fades into the distant, boozy past, it’s important to reflect on all that went down. It rained like nobody’s business, Brasstracks told us that they were from New York City close to eleven times, and by 8:30 pm, everyone was scrambling for their next destination. We indulged in a sweet spread provided by AVI, and Kenyon students chose to forgo their disappointment with Earl Sweatshirt and his “illness” to embrace Bas with open, moist arms. No matter your experience this weekend, there is one question you cannot avoid asking: where was it said? Sendoff or in bed?

  • “I didn’t expect seeing Bas to make me so wet.”
  • “I’ve never been south so early in the afternoon”
  • “I just saw 6 DKEs go through Leonard’s back door.”
  • “Can I dip your fried pickle in my ketchup?”
  • “Come inside before I get too soaked.”
  • “My CA told me it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
  • “Do you have to check my bag before I enter?”
  • “I usually don’t endure this much wetness to watch someone blow his horn.”
  • “There are so many drunk people lingering around Hanna’s entrance.”
  • “Honestly I was left pretty unsatisfied by that performance.”
  • “I was hoping Bas would last longer than he did.”

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