Kenyon College Geotag Filters

Snapchat. What an app. The faceless ghost mediates flirty interactions, double chin selfies, and everything else us “youths” are up to these days. Snapchat has created a space for budding narcissists to perfect the use of the dog filter, amateur film majors to master the art of a 10 second video, and superficial friends to strive for a 100 day snap streaks. This godly creation must be celebrated because pure, unadulterated joy can only truly be found by watching someone else’s snapchat story, as you eat Cool Ranch Doritos in bed, and have fomo. As much as our love for snapchat runs deep, the Kenyon geotags could use some sprucing up. But you’re in luck! That sprucing up has taken place today.


Nature lighting and grade A shitters. Thanks Good ol’ Graham Gund. Here’s a geotag.

IMG_4167 (1)

This section of Peirce for sure deserves a geotag.


He’s ready for this geotag too.


Never to be confused with Middle Earth, the Middle Ages or Malcolm in the Middle; Middle Path is strictly a path in the middle, as illustrated here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.00.15 PMHow much more would you want to switch from Chase to the Peoples Bank if they had this geotag? I think much, much more.


Newest addition to the 2020 plan: honor Dcat with this geotag.

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