The Weekend Drink: Finals Edition

Hello Everyone. It’s been quite a week, so I’m here to soothe all your pain. I have a great drink for you all that’s sure to take the edge off of finals. It’s quick and easy to make and it’ll have you feeling some kind of way. That’s for sure. So without further to do here it is:


  • Lukewarm free bookstore coffee
  • eraser shavings
  • Emergen-C (to keep you from getting sick)
  • Human Tears
  • One pack of easy mac cheese powder
  • A peer reviewed article
  • Vodka


Mix all ingredients into a peirce cup that you swore you were gonna return last week but still haven’t because you’re the absolute worst. Drink, pity yourself for approximately five minutes, and get back to work.

Rinse and return the peirce cup to Peirce Hall.

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