The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

The Adventures of D-Cat: Return of the Nuge

Hey all, hope you’re having a fantastic start to the semester.  The weather’s been nice enough, the pizza at Peirce has been dope, and the hills are alive with the sound of music.  What more can you ask for?  Well, before you answer that, I have what you’ve been looking for – the newest edition of the Adventures of D-Cat, the series where we pop into the world of Sims and see what our lovely president has been up to.


09-12-17_8:33:05 PM.pngI can only imagine how surprised D-Cat was when he spotted the Nuge standing near his rocket ship on Ransom Lawn.  It wasn’t even New York City!


09-12-17_8:50:23 PM

To be completely honest though, he was not too terribly impressed with the job she had done decorating Cromwell Cottage.  D-Cat had to spend a lot of money fixing the tacky wallpaper.


09-12-17_8:56:11 PM

However, putting their differences aside, the two went to the Peirce Pub.  The Nuge was confused.  Where was the Cove?  D-Cat laughed darkly and told the story about a bunch of entitled “young adults” wrecking/trashing the Cove one night when they found out it was closing.



Before they parted ways later that day, D-Cat and the Nuge made sure to have a quick dance party.  Observers had conflicting reports.  One person called it sweet and endearing.  Someone else called it disturbing.  Fortunately, we have some quick footage above, so y’all can be the judge of that.

Join us again in the future to see what else D-Cat has been up to!  I heard that his birthday twin, Beyoncé has been hanging about…

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