The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup

It began at 8pm. Six shots deep, crop top-ed, looking good, you make your way across south campus.

MSSC is just like AD. or DKE. or DPhi. One of those greek groups. Hell yeah.

You approach the doors to Tomsich feeling basically like a badass. Hearing activity inside, you approach with K-Card in hand (and fake I.D.)

Just incase they don’t take K-Card or like you need to be 21. Hell yeah.

No one marks you at the front door.

Weird. It must be more like an apartment situation. OK. Hell yeah.

Cooper from your calc class is punching buttons on a TI-84. You approach a row of laptops displaying a google form. Your head lurches from the row of screens, making note of the names posted on the chalk board. “Susie: Biology” “Cole: Chemistry” “Lexie: Physics in TOM 201”


The snack cart is the only available surface to brace yourself on. M&Ms, skittles, and various bars that only nerds eat at the MSSC, fall on the floor in a beautiful cacophony of sound and color and you got drunk the way you fall asleep — slowly then all at once.

No that’s plagiarism.

You’re six shots deep at the MSSC covered in chocolate bits and fruity flakes and Cole still has a TI-83. What the hell? Are we living in the middle ages. They still sell those? It is Sunday not Saturday. Now it’s Monday.

How was your weekend?

“Hey! Mia here! I don’t care about your weekend.

Do something this week.

What: Biology Seminar Series: Arianna Smith

  • Dr. Arianna Smith, a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University will give a talk as part of the Biology Seminar Series
  • Dr. Smith’s studies are aimed at elucidating the mechanisms by which maternal stress during pregnancy alters offspring asthma susceptibility. Using an experimental mouse model, the effect of maternal stress on immune cells in the progeny lung is being investigated.

When:  Thursday, September 21 at 4:10pm

Where: Mavec Field (This is a lie)


What: Kenyon College Women’s Soccer vs Wittenberg University

  • Men’s Soccer is also playing Wittenberg that day, but who cares?

When: Saturday, September 23 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Where: Bolton Theater (This is a lie)

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