10 o’clock list: 19 People I Thought Already Graduated

For better or for worse, this post was written by Yasmin Nesbat ’18 and Shayne Wagner ’18

  1. Smokey mac (sits on Old Side, picks up tator tots one by one with the tongs) 
  2. Jack Knife
  3. Nanette
  4. Woody Harrelson (drunkle but also a genius?) 
  5. Spike Bonze
  6. Tic tac Tankenhead (INTP)
  7. Lydia (taking four evening seminars, has never been seen out during the day)
  8. Ariel Foundation Park
  9. Gourd
  10. Miracle Mile
  11. Greeting Gerwig (first born of famous literati couple, vacations in the Mediterranean, wears a lot of white)
  12. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42
  13. Satchel Blue (Chemistry or Biology major, I’m not sure though — Captain of herb gardening club) 
  14. Gemini Flores (English major with a creative writing emphasis obviously. Beautiful hair obviously. Has side job as silver jewelry maker obviously)
  15. Van Trip
  16. Be Kind “Rewind” Johnson
  17. Spindrift McTucket
  18. MacGyver
  19. Bronald McBronald

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