Kenyon Siblings: The Schiffs

schiff1This piece is the latest in a series on relationships between siblings who share not only a dining hall but also 50% of their DNA. This week I was able to talk to Maddie Schiff ’18 and Ruby Schiff ’21 about applying to Kenyon, Crane Lake, and definitely NOT $75 million dollars.

Ruby, did knowing that Maddie was already at Kenyon influence your decision to come here?
Ruby: Originally knowing that Maddie was already at Kenyon was more of a con than a pro because I thought it would put a damper on our relationship and I wanted to follow my own path. After doing all the college tours I realized that Kenyon was the best place for me, despite having my sister there. Now I know that having her around has actually been a plus!
Maddie, what was your reaction to Ruby choosing Kenyon?
Maddie: Ruby applied ED to Kenyon and didn’t even tell me! I was with her when she got her acceptance email and she was fully losing it and then finally shouted, “I’m going to Kenyon!”  I was so excited and shocked, I really had no idea.
Do you see each other around campus a lot and are you involved in any of the same organizations?
M: I actually hardly run into her but when I do I interrogate her. I always invite her over to my NCA but I think she thinks she’s too cool to hang out with me.
R: I see Maddie at least once a day (usually in Peirce)! I haven’t joined many organizations yet but considering we are interested in many of the same things I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up joining the same ones. I believe next semester we are going to take a tennis class together!
Has going to college together made you see a different side of your sibling?
M: Not really, we are pretty close and have always told each other everything – that hasn’t changed. It is funny to see her drunk though.
R: I have seen my sister in these different settings before, as we went to the same high school and went to the same parties, but I have noticed that she has a different level of respect for me now.
What has been your favorite Kenyon memory together?
M: We have a little tradition where every Wednesday she makes me buy her 3-4 bottles of Crane Lake from the Market. She loves this tradition, I don’t think it’s that fun.
R: My favorite Kenyon memory together was just the other day when she called me because she needed help with some boy drama. I was flattered and surprised that she came to her little sister instead of any of her friends here. That was when I realized a shift in our friendship.
What Kenyon alum best represents your sibling?
M: I don’t really have an answer to the last question.
R: …
Neither Schiff sister gave an answer to this last question so I’m going to assume that they’re the donors of the $75 million dollars.

Ruby ’20 and Maddie ’18 after D-Cat’s special announcement

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