The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup

What’s goodie family? It’s your Monday Catchup. Today I’m gonna show you how to bless yourselves on this abbreviated week of school. Welcome. A lotta you have been missing my posts, and I’m here to say keep it 100% cool because I’m not here to let you down. I’ve just been hitting the stacks mad hard lately (before break crunch you feel me). I only have a few poser assignments left to KO before the big FB (fall break), and I’m here for it. Cha feel. I heard this weekend got mad freaky in a good way. Love to see it my friend-tendo 64s. Wigs and jigs. You players know how it is. I got some mad rhyme inspiration** from you when I asked, “how was your weekend?” **link to my SC (sound cloud) below if you’re looking to treat those ears to the sweet sounds.

“I walked into Deb Ball, and it felt like the Beetlejuice netherworld waiting room

“It’s glitter. Get over it.”

“But it was in my eye for 30+ minutes.”

“I. feel. cleansed.”

Sounds way out my siblings. Bout cop some guah doing hard work in the lib this week, but don’t do that to yourself. No. YOU go out and swindle this week. Relax to the refresh max. We got two days off to waste. Cha.

What: Knox Reads Book Giveaway

  • The Kenyon Review is kicking off the annual Knox Reads community reading event with three book giveaways! Stop by the Kenyon College Bookstore to pick up a free copy of Colm Tóibín’s bestselling novel, Brooklyn.
  • Save stacks and brain blast.

When:  Monday, October 2 at 12:00pm

Where: At the Bookstore, family.


What: Last day to change from/to Pass/D/Fail

  • You already know.
  • Take the stress off with a good good PDF

When: Wednesday, October 4

Where: Registrar


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