Where Was It Said: Kokes Concert, Or In Bed?

Tomorrow night marks the first Kokosingers’ concert of the year, and boy are we pumped! But, amid all of the vocal fun, it’s hard to tell: was it heard at the Kokes concert…or in bed? You tell us!

  • If you could, try using your throat more
  • 5,6,5 6 7 8
  • I like to take a really deep breath before going low
  • Wow, he did a great job of arranging those boys
  • Watching you solo was so tantalizing, but I want to jump in next time
  • You know he’s enjoying it when he goes into his head voice
  • After the show, every Koke thanked me for coming. It was so thoughtful
  • When he hit it, the walls of Rosse practically shook.

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