The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup

Forgive me for I have sinned.

Our tort, who art in tomato,
creamy be thy taste,
thy cheese come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is at Kenyon.

Give us this day our daily market run.
And forgive us for coming too late,
as we forgive those
who take the last dregs of you.

And lead us not to the Chili
please, deliver us from Chili.

For thine is the soup,
and the styrofoam, and the best $2.50
ever spent. Amen.

How was your weekend?

“The kokes can sing at my funeral.”

“I saw far too many moms doing laundry in the Old Kenyon laundry room.”

My tort habit is unhealthy and bad, but please I just need one more hit of that sweet good, good TOTRY TORT! I’m experiencing withdrawal already.

What: Last day to withdraw from a course with a late fee

  • Cough up the guap if you want that fresh “W”

When: Friday, October 20, AAAAALLLLL DAAAAYYYY

Where: The registrar


What: Warner Concert Series presents: Chanticleer

  • Founded in San Francisco in 1978, Chanticleer is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for the seamless blend of its twelve male voices ranging from countertenor to bass and its original interpretations of vocal literature, from Renaissance to jazz, and from gospel to venturesome new music.
  • Yeah, who cares about student run acapella anyway.

When: Saturday, October 21 at 8:00pm

Where: Pore’s Crypt (Rosse)

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