An Hour Away: Costco Wholesale

An Hour Away: Costco Wholesale

The Thrill is launching this feature to highlight Ohio places and things that can be reached in roughly an hour drive. This week we are featuring the Costco Wholesale in Polaris, Ohio.

I’ll start this off by admitting my bias. I’m a big fan of Costco. Don’t even try to tell me that Sam’s Club is the same thing, because I will not respond. This beautiful place is a 56 minute drive away, but you’ll have Keurig cups and Welch’s fruit snack packets to tide you over for months, so it’s worth the trek.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 4.51.59 PM.png


  1. Deals. $33 for 152 Tide Pods?! 24 Cliff Bars (12 chocolate chip, 12 crunchy peanut butter) for $22.89?! 141 oz of spaghetti for $11.79?! Compared to the Market this is stuff is basically free.
  2. Comfort. If you get tired while shopping, they sell couches that are perfect for a mid-shopping trip nap. The carts are also freaking huge, so you don’t have to carry a damn thing all day (until you have to lug your treasure up to your Mather double and find a place for it all).
  3. Proximity to the Container Store. This post is actually a scam to write about my undying love for the Container Store. I LOVE IT. I want to buried in one of their closet organizers. It’s less than ten minutes away from Costco, so treat yourself and buy dividers to organize your sock drawer.


  1. Exclusivity. Costco is a membership only store, so you can’t get in without a Costco card. If you or a parent has a card, you’re golden. If not, you’re out of luck.
  2. They will send your ass to jail. Here’s the deal with how entering the physical Costco space works. So long as you’re with a person who has a Costco membership, getting inside is a breeze. But, if you try to get in without a person listed on the member, they will accuse you of impersonation and kick your ass out. They don’t take it lightly, so suck it up and make time to go with your mom next time she visits.

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