10 o’clock list: Things I’ve Never Done at Kenyon

acension kenyon photoshoppedThere are some things considered “quintessentially Kenyon” that no one actually does; how many people do you know who’ve skinny-dipped in the Kokosing or declared their major? A lot of people? Well I haven’t. So here goes. Never have I ever…

  1. Eaten at Fusion, Hearth, or been to Sunday brunch. The simplest explanation for all of this is that I hate lines, but truthfully, it’s become a running gag that I feel compelled to keep up with. What can I say, I’m a quirky girl!
  2. Studied in Olin alone. There’s something about reading a book by yourself that just screams “nerd,” am I right? I’d rather hole up in the bell tower with some Lijphart or better yet, contort my body until I can crouch in the gluten-free fridge in Peirce.
  3. Slept with a ghost. To be fair, I only know 4 people who have done this, but in a brochure for the college I swear I read that 65% of all Kenyon students have fucked a phantom. I’ve since poured through the archives in search for this figure but can’t find it anywhere. Anyways, I do actually have a date on Friday, so wish me luck!
  4. Worshipped at the future gravesite of John Green. I know that’s why everyone seems to come to this school, but I’m more of a snake than a turtle girl ;).
  5. Attended class. This is another one that everyone does so often that I just feel like the market is kinda oversaturated, ya know? I don’t want to be one of those students who knows how to read and shoves it in everyone’s faces, so I’ve also been training my brain to forget what vowels are. Ths yrs gng grt!

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