10 o’clock List: Kenyon-Inspired Last Minute Halloween Costumes

10 o’clock List: Kenyon-Inspired Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Listen up, pals! The Peeps and Unity Halloween Party is this weekend and you’re gonna look like a chump if you don’t have an amazing costume. But it’s Wednesday, you cry like  a fool without a calendar, I won’t be able to find something in only 72 hours! Have no fear, you sweet and innocent child. I’ve compiled a list of costumes inspired by our very own campus that are not only super easy to put together, but also a hoot and a holler. 

  1. That dude in your Quest for Justice class that never freakin’ stops sniffling. I know it’s not cool to impersonate other people, but the thing is so many people on this campus are just like that guy in your Quest class who never stops sniffling, so no one will really know. Maybe they’ll just think that you’re one of them. Draw some snot on your nose with a green marker and you’re good to go.
  2. That midterm last week that was probably pretty bad but you turned in anyway. This one is simple. Search on Google Images for that old “You Tried” meme, print it out, and slap it on ya dang body. This costume combines two of the year’s hottest trends: self-depreciation and outdated memes.
  3. Pore, the statue that looms on the side of Rosse Hall. It’s Pore, the 1,400 lbs public art installation everyone knows and loves to get spooked by! Just find some black clothes some suction cups and attach yourself to the wall of Old K.  Pucker up!
  4. The Kenyon Crane, which graced our presence during construction on Farr Hall. We know her, we love her, she’s the Kenyon Crane! Caples is so afraid to go near her because she’s just so lovely. Grab your highest heels and let loose! You’ll tower over everyone as you lift lots and lots of bricks onto the patio, much to the chagrin of the party’s floaters.
  5. The Cards Against Humanity pack you brought your freshman year to make friends but have made some friends now so you don’t really need it anymore but you keep bringing it to school anyway. Let’s crack that bad boy open and tape some of your favorite cards to your body! Bonus points for showing personal growth by not laughing at the things that were never really funny to begin with.

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