How to Feel Better in the Kenyon Bubble

dogs_labrador_down_sad_59743_1920x1280We’ve made it past midterm season, Halloweekend has come and gone, and the weather is starting to dip into the 40s and below. You heard it here boys, it’s officially S.A.D. season. And while Kenyon friends can be great tools to combat this, sometimes being surrounded by the same people every day can become suffocating. When you need a break from the Kenyon bubble, here are some ideas to help you out of a funk.

  1. Buy a 99¢ card and send a note to a friend from home. This involves two things that I enjoy: getting rid of loose change and talking to people I love. Even if you still text your high school friends every week, it’s nice to write them a letter about the life stuff that you never remember to mention while texting. And the best cards are the cheapest ones, with poorly drawn animals that seem to be the only images that can express how you truly feel.
  2. Facetime your mom. This is something that you can probably do right now, unless you’re on third floor Olin and in that case, write her a long text about how your midterm went and ask her to send pictures of your dog. It’s easy to get swept up in schoolwork and let three weeks go by without contacting your family until you need to know whether to air dry a shirt, so instead of waiting until you need something from your parents, call just to chat about what you had for dinner last night or what you learned in office hours today.
  3. Treat yourself to some bookstore ice cream. Peirce’s soft serve is good, but a waffle cone of buckeye ice cream and a night in spent watching stupid tv shows is the cure for (almost) every situation imaginable. For those who are lactose intolerant, just pop a lactaid and enjoy.
  4. Take the shuttle to do homework at Panera. When you literally cannot be in Gambier for another second, it’s so nice to have a place to work that’s not Olin or third floor Ascension. You can also get a ride to Happy Bean or another coffee shop in Mount Vernon, but Panera is such a classic suburban hangout that it’s easy to pretend you’re inhaling mac n’ cheese and sourdough back in your hometown.

For times when you still feel weird, the the Peer Counselor (740-485-5784) and the Counseling Center (740-427-5643) numbers are always there.

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