Kenyon Pets: Noodles Yussman

Kenyon Pets: Noodles Yussman

Hello, Kenyon! Did you know that I have a housemate with four legs? This is Noodles, the sweet fuzzy child of Hayley Yussman ’18. I love Hayley but also I love Noodles. Look at her. She is perfect. She has so much to say and she is so, so smart!!! It is time to meet her. Are you ready? Please say “hello” to the good, good goblin kitty of NCA 20A.





Before we get into the interview, there are a few things I would like to say about her. First of all, Noodles Yussman is very talkative. I have had so many wonderful conversations with her, mainly about how much I love her and how good she is. I come home and I’m like, “hi, kitty!” and she says, “meow!” and I say, “did you have a good day?” and she says, “mmmrrrrooowww!” and then I say, “meow!” and then she says, “meow!” and then it goes on like that for a while. She also likes sitting on people’s laps, especially when they’re trying to do their homework. And then sits on their homework. She’s helpful like that. She also likes shoes? She sits on them a lot? She’s weird but also the best. She is full of love. She was once a stray and then Hayley adopted her and now she is home. Here is what I found out about her in my interview.


Q: How many toes?

A: She’s not polydactyl. She has five toes on each paw? No, four and the little thumb.

Q: How old is she?

A: At least six because she has a microchip in her that dates back six years but she had no owners registered to it.

Q: What are her top five favorite things?

A: Cuddles, cuddling with laptops, revenge puking, cardboard boxes, and wet food.


Side note: Noodles Yussman revenge pukes. If any one of us in the NCA is gone for what she deems as too long, she will throw up in front of that person’s door. If she is mad at all four of us, she pukes in the living room. She is very purposeful with this activity. We still love her very much.


Q: Do you think she can swim?

A: I bet she can but I bet she’s not really graceful about it. Like she falls off the bed all the time.

Q: Noodles, do you like the Thrill?

Noodles: Meeeoooow! (she does)

Q: How long was her longest mlem?

A: It’s her nap time length so probably an hour?


Update: Noodles has moved to her cardboard box.


Q: How is her spatial awareness?

A: It’s really bad. Most mornings when she wakes up she almost falls off the bed and then doesn’t and then gets really mad at me. One time she fell off the couch and fell behind it and got stuck.

Q: What is the best part about Noodles?

A: According to Noodles, it’s her butt. It’s the first thing she shows to everyone who meets her. The best part for me is that I have a big, squishy ball of cuddles.


Wow!!! This has been so enlightening. I love Noodles so much and now I love her even more. I hope that you love her, too. Thanks, Hayley Yussman ’18, for bringing such a soft, soft gremlin into my life!


Update: Noodles is preparing to clamber across my keyboard.4rlop;

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