Meet a DA: Kenda Tucker ’18

Meet a DA: Kenda Tucker ’18

The Thrill spotlights a Discrimination Advisor regularly to raise awareness about the resources available to students on campus in relation to issues of discrimination.  They have weekly Office Hours they announce via email and can also be reached at any time using this form. Stay safe this weekend, and know that there is always someone you can talk to if you need help. Today, we’re featuring Kenda Tucker ’18. 

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you eat?

I dunno, maybe a really good pita sandwich??

What’s the last good book you’ve read?

I Write What I Like by Steve Biko. It was a while ago but I carry its lessons with me.

What’d you think about during your walk to class this morning?

I was on my bike and I was thinking about how wearing gloves might’ve been a little too much for the temperature, even though earlier that morning I was way too cold without them.

Why do you love Kenyon?

I like that I feel comfortable questioning and challenging Kenyon while still ultimately feeling at home here.

What’s your favorite place to nap on campus? 

My bed when I want to feel secure and the chairs by the cubes on the second floor if I want to feel vulnerable.

Who is your favorite/least favorite Disney character?

I hate Olaf. Why did he get a song while Jonathan Groff didn’t?

Why did you become a DA?

I’m white-passing, but I’m also half-black. I know what it’s like to occupy an awkward space in terms of identity and I know that it’s something that’s affected the way I think of and interact with Kenyon. I want to help other students work through their identities and figure out how they relate to the world around them, whether in a friendly conversation or in times when they’ve felt like they’ve been discriminated against.

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