We Tried to Draw Maps of Kenyon from Memory and This is What Happened

We Tried to Draw Maps of Kenyon from Memory and This is What Happened

The Kenyon College campus: what a beauty (shhh ignore the construction everywhere). We walk its paths everyday. We circumvent its seal in Peirce each meal. We marvel at the Twilight zone atmosphere of the temporary bookstore/old market each dawn and dust. And yes, we spend the majority of our time on the hill, but how well do we really know its lay out? How accurately can we map the campus from Bexley to Old K? Or actually, from Snowden to the Tafts? This is what happened when we tested our spacial knowledge…


You’ll notice Olin is missing… It’s the future I can see. That’s so Raven. It’s so mysterious to me.


“This is where I stepped in 4 inch deep cement.” Dumbest Thing I Ever Did to come.


Manning, Manning, Leonard and Not Leonard. Also take notice of the asbestos detail in Bexley.


Raccoons are everywhere. The New Apts are the other. (Ft. Erica’s toe)


When you see it.


Couldn’t be bothered with South Campus, but the charging station is of utmost importance. RIP PORT.


There is nothing past the gates of hell.


This map was drawn in a Waffle House.


So was this one.


Big hill.


We have no further comments.


Really nothing more to add.



We did a good job.

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