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Zodiac clock

Hello my fellow birthday-havers! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving break and ate lots of turkey! Gobble gobble, am I right? But now we’re into the final stretch of the semester and and what’s that, you need something to watch/read/consume once finals are over? Well go ahead and bookmark this, baby, because oh do I have some content for you.

Aries – Almost Every Building at Kenyon (Graham Gund ’63). Look, I know you’re excited about glass, but please just give me a single clock.

Taurus – Zits (Jim Borgman ’76). Yes, you can be stubborn and a procrastinator, but at least you’re always there for us (in the Sunday comics).

Gemini – Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Waterson ’80). Get it? Because there’s two of them!

Cancer – The Fault in Our Stars (John Green ’00). We all know that you secretly carry tissues every where you go so just give in and let those tears fall.

Leo – Liberal Arts (Josh Radnor). You would be the type to make a movie about yourself.

Virgo – Juno (Allison Janney ’82). Mrs. MacGuff is so good at cutting out photos of puppies and organizing them, just like a typical Virgo. You’ll get your own dog one day!

Libra – The Birth Control Pill (Carl Djerassi ’43). Thanks for helping us out! You’re everyone’s loyal friend and, dude, we’re grateful.

Scorpio – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs ’01). Somehow you get stranger the more people get to know you?

Sagittarius – Sweetbitter (Stephanie Danler ’06). Party! But like, also take care of yourself. 

Capricorn – Pod Save America (Tommy Vietor ’02). You’re smart and funny? Just kidding, everyone knows that Capricorns don’t know how to smile! Maybe you’ll learn after listening to this podcast.

Aquarius – Newman’s Own Salad Dressing (Paul Newman ’49). You’re kind, giving, and you taste good too! 

Pisces – Walk the Moon (Nick Petricca ’09). Just try to have a good time, okay?

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