Kenyon Siblings: Me & My Sister Who Almost Went Here But Didn’t

Kenyon Siblings: Me & My Sister Who Almost Went Here But Didn’t

This piece is the latest in a series on relationships between siblings who both go to Kenyon. Today we’ll be meeting Michael Audet (’20) and Emily Audet (’17, Scripps College), who almost went to Kenyon but did not.

Emily, what was your reaction to Michael choosing Kenyon?
Emily: I felt very smug because I recommended he look into Kenyon, so naturally, I feel that I deserve some credit for him ending up at Kenyon.

Do you see each other around campus a lot and are you involved in any of the same organizations?
Michael: Not really. I’d say our college experiences are pretty unique to ourselves. We stay out of each other’s way in that respect.
Emily: Ummm no because I don’t go here.

Has going to college together made you see a different side of your sibling?
Michael: It’s definitely a different kind of relationship to get used to.
Emily: No; because (1) again, I don’t go here and (2) he doesn’t tell me anything about his personal life.

What had been your favorite Kenyon memory together?
Emily: I came to drop him off at college this year, and it was nice to see Michael in his college habitat and to see my vision of him at Kenyon realized.

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