The Monday Catchup

The Monday Catchup

Who’s patient zero? If you are, stay away from me. If you aren’t, stay away from me. No way my temple of a body can be reduced to FILTH by “influenza” just because you didn’t get your flu shot (or maybe you got your shot and it didn’t work, which still translates as stay. away. from. me). Look, I feel for you. Getting sick right before finals is a huge pain, but it is an even larger pain if I get sick before finals. I have a blog to run. So excuse me if my precautionary hazmat suit and Clorox wipes offend you this week. How was your weekend? (I hope you got some sleep patient zero)

“Fools was a sensory overload nightmare.”

“Eggs are such a treat after a wild night.”

“Only one week left of class and I am so beyond enthused.”

Fun can still be had amidst this sickness and stress. See below. (If you’re patient zero, do not see below. Go to bed).

What: WL Deadline

  • You’ve gotten this far, why don’t you just give up.
  • Kenyon is for losers anyway. I’m going to culinary school!

When:  Friday, December 8

Where: McBride Field


What: Take Five concert

  • Chris Raffa paid me to say it is gonna be “good.”
  • Whatever that means…

When: December 9 at 8:00pm

Where: Third Floor Library


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