Day In The Life: A Middle Path Pebble

Day In The Life: A Middle Path Pebble

In this feature, The Thrill will showcase a typical day of a member of the Kenyon Community: student, faculty, or staff. If you have nominations for people to be showcased, please share them in the comments or email us at thekenyonthrill@kenyon.eduToday, we feature a middle path pebble.

7:00 am The early morning sunlight hits my body. It warms me up from the frost of the night. Such bliss, such tranquility. I am one among brothers, sisters, friends, family and lovers. We all snuggle close as we meet the new day. Hello Kenyon College. It’s me a middle path pebble. Get ready to step into my shoes because I so often end up in yours…

7:15 am My day starts on the path across from Rosse Hall. Though I begin my day here, who knows where I’ll end up! A buddy of mine was rumored to have made it all the way to the Columbus Airport but apparently he got abandoned at airport security. Fuckin’ TSA making people take off their shoes.

7:45 am The morning Blundstones and clogs have started to disrupt me and my brothers. They scatter Jimmy, Todd and Nelson into the grass. See you in another life pals.

9:05 am Now comes the first part of the day where I must breath deep and seek peace because stuff gets wild. This first mass movement has me crushed under feet, driven over by campo and peed on by dogs. But don’t worry I’ll seek my revenge.

11:00 am I’ve just snuck my way into a pair of old Adidas–such success! I can’t tell where we’re heading exactly, but I’m doing my best to stick right in the heel of the foot so this Adidas owner knows I’m here.

11:03 am Turns out Darlene is also in this Adidas shoe with me, she had been chillin’ in the toe so I didn’t notice her at first. I like Darlene.

1:00 pm Ughhh turns out I was too much for the Adidas owner, they paused to dumped me out just after lunch. Now I’m sitting in front of Old K.

3:45 pm Two Asian beetles just stopped to chat. We discussed movies. They left to meet some friends in a Hanna windowsill

5:00 pm Larry just rolled up. He told me he had spent most of his day stuck in the tire of a bike down by Wiggin Street Coffee. I told him about how I’d spent most of my junior year abroad down by Wiggin Street. He was impressed by my worldliness.

6:45 pm Ouch. Just got really pummeled into the ground by a herd of ADs coming back from dinner. At least they threw down a blunt to keep me company.

7:00 pm Found out the blunt’s name is Cynthia.

9:00 pm I’m settling in the for night. Hopefully I can get some shut eye and not be woken up by late night feet. What can I say, a pebble needs its rest after a very busy day.

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