What’s In My Bag: An Exploration of the Political Science Psyche

What’s In My Bag: An Exploration of the Political Science Psyche

According to US News, political science is the third most popular major here on the hill. As a political science major myself, I wanted to take this opportunity to explore my fellow majors. I wanted to answer my deep seated questions about my major and who I am. Due to the popularity of this major, I’m sure this is a question many of you hold as well. I seek to answer these questions of identity through asking my fellow majors the age old inquiry: What’s in my bag?

Abigail Saltzman ’20: Political Science

“It’s pretty empty.”


What’s in Abigail’s bag?

  • Crumpled up response paper grading rubric
  • 3 quarters (that she gave to a friend upon discovering them)
  • Crumpled up paper about a philosophical dialogue
  • “Lots of pencils and pens and things of that nature”
  • Eye drops
  • Pill case and pills “that I’m not going to give you the names of if that’s all right with you.”
  • Tampons
  • Back of a sticker
  • Pack of strawberry gum
  • Alieve
  • Hair tyes (still in the packaging)
  • Lense wipes
  • Bookstore receipt
  • More pens
  • Garbage
  • Weaver Wednesday card with one hole punch
  • Pill cutter
  • Chapstip
  • Another glasses lense thing
  • Scrap sheet of paper she was doodling on
  • The Politics of Aristotle
  • Journal
  • Planner
  • Notebook and folder for classical quest
  • Envelope that a fosters delivery once came in
  • Laptop


Margo Minor ’20: Political Science

“So, like you want to know everything that’s in my bag?”


What’s in Margo’s bag?

  • Keys
  • Econ flamingo game
  • 2 chapsticks
  • Flashlight
  • Purel “The nice bath and body works one”
  • A shit ton of pills
  • Politics in Russia by Thomas F Remington
  • Lilly Pulitzer pencil pouch
  • The Rise and Fall of Japan’s LDP by Ellis Krauss and Robert J Pekkanen
  • Laptop and two notebooks
  • “A few crumpled up papers from I don’t know what…”


So, what did I learn from this comprehensive study of my fellow majors? The answer is simple. We have a lot of trash in our bags. I too am plagued by this epidemic. The bottom of my bag is littered with old sticky notes and receipts. If you’re a fellow major who suffers from this tragedy, unique to our kind, know you’re not alone.

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