Kenyon Hole Advent Calendar Day One

Kenyon Hole Advent Calendar Day One

On the first day of Holemas my true love gave to meeee… ooonnneee mound of dirt!!! That’s right, squiddos. In honor of our glorious KENYON HOLE (trademark, patent pending), The Thrill has decided to release a Kenyon Hole Advent Calendar to help all of you sweet sweet little pea pods count down the days until she arrives. I am so excited. Blessed be this Hole. Let’s open ‘er up and see what you’re getting today!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.00.53 PM

image drawn by the Longest Worm, Giant Mole’s illustrator

Whoa!!! It’s HOLE-Y Mole-y, everyone’s favorite book of hole puns written by a Giant Mole!!! Moles are usually very small but this boy is not and he wrote a book just as big as he is!!! Dig right into this earthy novel. Discover the hole’s DIRTy secrets. Bury your nose right into those leafy pages.

Please dig your own hole, about five feet wide and six feet deep, and leave an offering of six juicy worms to receive your copy of HOLE-Y Mole-y, signed by Giant Mole himself. #HoleIsComing.


The Thrill

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