How to Distress Your Canada Goose to Match the Kenyon Aesthetic

canada-goose-coat.0.0You’re back from winter break and with you came your brand new $1000 Canada Goose jacket. You love him so much but alas! You need to convince your friends that this is just something you picked up at your hometown Goodwill. Here’s how you can rough up your Canada Goose just enough to match it with your Blundstones and perfectly cuffed jeans.

  1. “Borrow” some Peirce cups and stuff them in the pockets until you get a few tears at the seams. Remember, you want these to be small holes so that all of your credit cards stay nice and snug.
  2. Go sledding at the BFEC—this will hopefully cause some stains as well as go against the rules because fuck authority and people who try to keep you uninjured!
  3. Hire someone to wear around your jacket for a week and hopefully they’ll trip and give your jacket some sexy rips.
  4. Order and express ship a new jacket to you so that you’ll still fit in when you go home to upstate New York and/or Old Side.

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