PSA: Treat Winter with Respect

I’m sure many of us are familiar with the motto “treat others how you would like to be treated.” Yes, the golden rule of elementary school. Simple yet effective, it’s a real catch-all for reprehensible behavior ranging from throwing grass at another child to accidentally biting someone because you’re six and you don’t know what behavior is and isn’t appropriate. While it feels a little juvenile to say to a bunch of almost-adults considering many of the examples I’ve just listed, I think it’s worth repeating – especially in light of the way many of you have been treating our beautiful friend, Winter.

Yes, Winter. Our lovely friend with a heart so cold, it shivers us to our core. She isn’t with us for long, all things considered, because technically she only lasts for about three months. And yet, I have seen so many people parade about in sundresses, shorts, and sandals as soon as the temperature breaches 50 degrees. Listen, I get it’s warm and that you miss the feeling of the sun on your bare skin. I do too. But to break out the summer-wear in weather that is objectively Not That Warm feels a little rude, especially since global climate change is really limiting Winter’s lifespan.

I don’t think I’m asking to much when I ask you to please keep that apparel in your closet for a little longer. In fact, I’m just asking you to pay your respects to our dying friend. It’s simply rude when you act as though she isn’t around. So if you’re interested in making your elementary school teachers proud, a la treat others how you would like to be treated, a good rule of thumb is: if it’s February, just hold off a lil longer before you show off all the cute seasonal clothes that’ve been stuffed in the back of your drawer. Their time is coming, I promise, but in the mean time – be nice to Winter.

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