Kenyon Doppelgängers: Anna Fuller ’19 and Mary Moore ’20


If you’ve ever tapped on Anna’s shoulder wanting to talk to Mary, or if you’ve ever tapped on Mary’s shoulder wanting to talk to Anna, know that you are not alone. It’s the beautiful brown tresses! The fact that they’re both 5’4″! This duo, though they’ve never officially met before the course of this interview, know of one another because of the sheer amount of times they’ve been mistaken for one another from the back or from afar, and we at the Thrill decided it was high time for a formal introduction.

It’s perhaps not all that surprising the two are familiar with one another but have yet to meettheir circles run adjacent, yet don’t quite intersect. Anna Fuller ’19 is a Religious Studies major with a music minor, while Mary Moore ’20 is an Anthropology major with English and Classics minors. Anna’s a Leo, Mary’s a Libra. While Mary is the head editor at the Kenyon publication The Bubble and a member of Kenyon’s Quaker group, Anna is busy working as an intern director and recording technician for WKCO as well as a member of the campus band Shedding Velvet. But despite the fact that they run in different circles, they happen to live in the same New Apps block—it’s a small world after all! 

Though both girls agree that they bear some resemblance, they also were not as sold as I was on their doppelgänger status.

“From a scale of Norton and Lewis to Mather and McBride, how much do you guys think you look like one another?”


“What does that even mean?”

Clearly, my Likert-type scale skills are lacking. Anna suggested a Gund to Lewis, but I’m still not convinced Gund does any of these two ladies justice.

That being said, I did make the following mistake:

“Could you guys be, like, a Norton/Watson situation?”

Both Anna and Mary cringed. Yikes. I knew that one was offensive as soon as it left my mouth. No one wants to be a Watson. That’s an off-handed insult.

Perhaps a more apt comparison would be the elegant Sam Mather and regal Hanna Hall?

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