Apply to Write for The Thrill Instead of Finishing That Internship Application That’s Due Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.19.06 PM.png

Want something to do instead of finishing/editing/literally just now starting that 500 word personal statement for that social media management internship in New York whose stipend is less than one month’s rent in Brooklyn? You should apply to write for The Thrill!

We’re looking for new writers to create fresh! new! content! on a regular basis. We’re looking for all kinds of writers, so give us your worst.

This semester we’re also looking for people to fill two new positions! We’re looking for an Graphics Developer to help generate images and other visual content for the blog. We are also tired of the stock photos!

We also need a new Video Editor to help with our weekly videos!

Just fill out this short application and email it to by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19! 


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