Kenyon-Specific Apps We Need Because We Are Lazy and Exhausted


Kenyon is a bizarrely difficult place to be sometimes, and these apps would make our lives just a little bit easier. Scientific computing concentrators! Do you exist? Can you make these for us?

ServeryCam Live camera feeds of each Servery line, so you never have to have your dreams of a plate of fries crushed by an “all the way to the cold bar” Comfort line.

Wiggin Seat Constant updates on a map of open Wiggin Street booths so you don’t have to do the full-house walk of shame out the doors by the bathroom. Did I even want coffee?

KenyonWeather Maps the least slippery path between destinations of your choice. A glitch the team is currently working on – sometimes it just doesn’t have an answer and suggests that you stay home.

Net Nutrition But it’s an actual app that works and is regularly updated and has nutrition information maybe?

Reading Daze (get it it’s like Waze) Instead of reporting accidents and police officers you report loud people in study spaces to avoid.

Du-Won’t Reverses the effect of Duo so you don’t have to use it.

Rate My Professor’s Dogs Students only use office hours to see professors’ dogs, so it makes sense to have a hotness rating for them readily available.

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