Kenyon Whine Pairings

Not this kind of wine!

As a Kenyon student, one of my favorite things to do is to sit down to eat and complain about things that 1) help me now, 2) will help me later, and 3) have no effect on my life. So, like, everything! But sometimes there’s so much to moan about that it’s hard to choose what’s ruining my life today. To help with that terrible problem, here are some classic Peirce dishes to pair with some fine Kenyon whines.

  • Grilled Cheese and the weekend. Every Monday we get a lunch of grilled cheeses and the sighs of those wishing it were still Saturday night. Everyone loves saying they want to fast forward to Friday and everyone loves grilled cheese, even the girl who says she’s lactose intolerant but still grabs two delicious, melty sandwiches.
  • A Bagel Sandwich and the Deli. No matter how many times you try to recreate the Hillary in Peirce it’s just never the same as the Deli’s. It’s just cheese, bacon, and tomato, right? So why does it never taste as good as the Deli’s supreme bagel sandwich? Don’t worry, we all miss her and the Hillary. Expect to have the whole table join in when you start wondering if the Deli ever come back.
  • Vegetarian options and the walk from the New Apps. The number of vegetarians on campus and the number of people who live in the New Apps are around the same size (who really knows, I’m not a scientist) and so if you have to eat rice, steamed vegetables, and some kind of bean every day then you’re allowed to complain about the ski slope that connects the New Apps to the Art Barn. It’s a tough world for you swamp dwellers and leaf eaters, so whine away.
  • Pizza and Peirce. Just like the four pizzas always sitting at Hearth, complaints about Peirce’s food quality will always be there for you. Try mixing it up by actually writing a complaint card or going to AVI to talk about better options because that has never not worked!

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