Ask the Thrill: Market Choices!


Hello all! It is I, the Question Goblin! In this segment, I ask the Thrill staff lots of fun questions and get some diverse and unique opinions! This week I asked the Thrill staff this:

What do you get from the market when you’re at your lowest emotional point?

And boy did I get some fun answers!

Sarah Hoffmann, Editor-in-Chief

“I’ll buy anywhere between three and five Vitamin Waters at once. Also Munchies.”

Colleen Kemp, Daily Editor

“A single potato from the produce section. Retail price: 76 cents.”

Shayne Wagner, Editor Emeritus

“Market chili.”

Michael Lahanas, Webboi

Annie Blackman, Editor-in-Chief

“Fuck. Oh. I’ll get like those salami sticks. Not even like jerky, just like a salami stick or a beef stick. And sometimes I’ll also get a cheese stick, and that’ll just be like the trifecta.”

M(ir)ia(m) Fox, Editor Emeritus 

“Chris what? Tomato Tort. It’s SOUP. My lowest is always on Sunday. What is happening? What’s the matter?”

Yasmin Nesbat, Editor Emeritus

“Chris no. I can’t, not right now. I’ll text you it later or something.”

Jane Zisman, Daily Editor

“Cheese sticks. Multiple. It’s a good thrifty buy.”

Erica Christie, Cave Dweller

“A whole ass bag of Hint of Lime Tostitos and the really really fucking spicy salsa they sell.”

Cat March, Executive Editor

“For me this happens in different stages. At the highest stage of my emotional low I’ll get fry pies. In the middle stage I get one of those sandwiches, those all-meat sandwiches. And at my lowest stage, when I’m in the absolute depths of hell, I’ll get a jar of queso. I will not disclose whether or not I buy chips.”

Chris Raffa, We Don’t Know But He Won’t Leave?

“Half a dozen microwaveable White Castle burgers. Judge me. Shame me.”

3 responses

  1. Do you ever think about commas and realize that changing the comma in “Miriam Fox, Editor Emeritus” to “Miriam, Fox Editor Emeritus” would give one a totally different impression of this person. Crazy shit.

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