Kenyon Siblings: The Inciardis

img_6637-e1517966967492.jpgThis piece is the latest in a series on relationships between siblings who not only came out of the same womb but also came to live on the same campus. It’s Kenyon Siblings and this week I got to talk to Ana Inciardi ’19 and Alex Inciardi ’21 about singing, surprises, secret societies, sculptures and of course, being sisters.

Alex, why did you choose Kenyon and how did having Ana here influence your decision to come to Kenyon?

Alex: When I would come and visit her I would just be totally comfortable here. It was all just normal to be in Olin or Peirce with Ana’s friends. I came to visit four times in two years. The first time I saw the Owl Creek’s Concert I was like okay, yeah I should go here.

Ana, what was your reaction to Alex’s decision to come to Kenyon?

Ana: When she got into Kenyon it wasn’t an option for her not to come.


Photo made by Ana after Alex got into Kenyon

What’s it like being at Kenyon together? Do you spend a lot of time together? If so, what do you like to do together?

Alex: Since Ana was abroad first semester is was a good time for me to find my own way but now that she’s here…

Ana: Yeah, I’ve been spending a lot of time in McBride. More than I ever expected. We spend a lot of time together. We play squash. We spend a lot of time in Peirce.

Alex: We eat 9 out of 10 meals together

Ana: Alex sings to us a lot. If I have more than one person in my apartment, I’m like okay, Alex come over, we have to break out the amp, bring out the guitar. She comes to Horvitz and sings to me also.

Do you have a favorite Kenyon memory together?

Ana: My favorite Kenyon memory together is my freshman year where Alice, my then girlfriend, was being really sneaky to me, and this was the time where I was really into secret societies at Kenyon, so I was like Alice are you in a secret society and she was like, not responding for a week—

Alex: –and this was while I’m texting Alice: can pick me up at the airport at this time so I can surprise Ana.

Ana: Messages from Alex would pop up on her computer and she would be like don’t look at this and I was like oh my god, you’re in a secret society! Then she disappears for hours and I’m like you are at a secret society meeting!! I thought Alex was in Maine visiting Bowden or something and then Alice is like “I’m outside Lewis come outside” and Alex is there. I had no idea and we were crying, I was so happy.

We also went to a party in Hanna last week that was really fun.

Ana was is Alex’s biggest pet peeve? Alex what is Ana’s?

Ana: Everything grinds my gears I have a million but Alex… well someone hurt my feelings last week, so I feel like anyone hurting my feelings is Alex’s biggest pet peeve. Someone made fun of me and I thought Alex was gonna break her neck.

Alex: True. And Ana’s biggest pet peeve in me is when I don’t do fun things with her. She ‘s always like do these fun things with me and I’m like I have to work.

Ana: Yeah, I’m always like let’s go make snow angels and play squash and sing to me and snuggle and her response is like, I’m in Gund Commons working.

If you had to pick a sculpture/work of art on Kenyon’s campus to describe your sibling what would it be and why?

Ana: It would definitely be that sculpture over there. That Peirce hanging sculpture.

Alex: That’s me? Well then you’re the sculpture in front of Gund.

Ana: Actually, I want Alex to be the Chihuly in Storer because I smashed a Chihuly in a museum a couple years ago.

What would your celebrity power couple be?

Alex: First Aid Kit.

Ana: Yes, First Aid Kit definitely.


Sisters are good.



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