Groups for White People that Want White Groups but, Like, Not That One

Don’t you hate when Snowden gives you exactly what you want but it turns out to not be exactly what you want? Maybe these white groups will be more your speed!

  1. Save the wasps! : Why should bees have all the fun?
  2. Wideness club
  3. Anti-mainstream
  4. Mayonnaise fan club : Eat it! Drink it! Stick it in a Neti pot and put it in your nose!
  5. American Not-see party: boooo
  6. I <3 Gentrification: gentrify me, babyyy!
  7. Google search: ‘Avocado Toast Fanfiction’: #avocado/toast
  8. Whole Foods Membership: give me that overpriced fruit that has been prepared by a white man named Noah
  9. White’s Frozen Custard: only vanilla, please!
  10. American Cornhole Association: all corn no cob

6 responses

  1. You are so pathetic. I hope you live your empty life with your backwards beliefs and revealing insecurities in the same unfulfilling way you’ve lived it so far. I know there’s no hope for you, but know that your legacy is being overwritten and forgotten. Nothing that you and your parents stood for will last. You are the end. Enjoy oblivion.

  2. Also, nice job naming yourself after a fictional character in a false representation of the first war the United States lost. It’s strikingly ironic and horribly pitiful.

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