10 o’clock list: Where I Was and What I Was Doing When I Remembered I am a Human Being with Responsibilities

Hey everyone, I’ll level with you: I have not been on the ball recently. I’ve been shirking some responsibilities and losing sleep and just generally been fucking up in small, concurrent ways for about a week now. And yeah, this is nothing new, and yeah, I’ll definitely get out of this one (fingers crossed, knock on wood, god I hope this isn’t jinxing anything) but still, the past handful of days have been a little rocky. Mostly this manifests itself in me, smack dab in the middle of a conversation or a Lisa omelette, suddenly, crushingly realizing that there’s something else I’m supposed to be doing. 

It genuinely sucks every time for me, but hey, maybe hearing about some of these moments will make you either feel better about your own ability to be productive, or help you find comfort in the fact that you are not the only person doing a shit job of keeping on top of your responsibilities.


So, anyway, here’s some of the times, places, and things I was doing when I was suddenly hit with the epiphany that I’m absolutely squandering my time:



  1. Waiting in the Fusion Line for spaghetti: I had yet to start the eight page English essay I had due in two days. Yikes.
  2. Lying on my bed, thinking about watching Spider-Man: Homecoming sometime soon: It’s a good fun movie but it absolutely eclipsed the fact that I was supposed to drive a friend into town later that day to go to CVS. Oops, sorry.
  3. Standing completely nude and dripping wet, post-shower, with the water turned off but before I left the shower itself: I suddenly remembered I was all out of laundry detergent, tissues, Emergen-C, and dish soap, and would have absolutely no time that day to get any of those things. A rough morning, let me tell you.
  4. Running on a treadmill at the KAC, for the second time this year: I had to read the Iliad and instead here I was, sweating and feeling prepared to vomit at any given time. Sing, o Muse, the rage of Achilles–I probably understand it a little better now.
  5. In Ascension, watching the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming on my laptop with the screen turned away so no one else could see what I was doing: I’m in a novella writing class and had not worked on my novella for an entire week, and had about 1,500 words due. Got me again, web head.
  6. Peirce second floor private bathroom, around noon: I just remembered the mere concept of my Environmental Studies course and nearly groaned out loud. Never a good thing to do in a bathroom.
  7. New Apt party, mid-play of “Mr. Brightside” (I promise that’s not a joke this was really the situation): I came out of my cage and was not doing just fine when I remembered the parking ticket I had to pay. Ha, wait, “fine,” like the amount of money, that’s actually kind of clever I wish I’d made a joke about that.



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