The Thrill Staff: Then and Now


Here at the Thrill, we loooove to talk about ourselves. We’ve had articles detailing what we eat, where we pee, and how we have fun. Now, it’s time to show you what we looked like at the tender age of 16. And, spoiler alert!! We were all superfreakinghot.

Sarah Hoffman ’20 (Editor-in-Chief)

High school Sarah: Into scarves. Kenyon Sarah: Into denim.

img_2010.png  hoffmann2









Christopher Raffa ’19 (Executive Editor)

When I was 16 I was socially awkward, made uncomfortable jokes and loved Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel. And now, all of that is still true except I got the hair thing figured out.











Sam Roschewsk ’18 (Editor Emeritus)

Me, age 16 versus me, age 22. When I got to college, I dyed and cut off my hair, got three tattoos, and became a hell of a lot gayer.











Cat March ’19 (Executive Editor)

Kenyon helped me through my transition— I’d gone to all-girls schools all my life. The supportive trans community at Kenyon helped me realize that I was a boy and the Thrill gave me a public outlet to talk to the student body about queer issues! I’m so happy to be here!



Elise Tran ’19 (Staff Writer)

My eyebrows are better and my entire life is better because I’ve reproduced asexually to create eight of me and also Mia Fox is in my life.










Colleen Kemp ’20 (Daily Editor)

BANGS! I got bangs!


2 responses

  1. Sarah: Scarves are cooler than denim. I have to give the nod to your younger self, though good on you for putting aside the flat iron.

    Chris: Indie teen tousle vs. Nosferatu normcore? I think we all know awkward indie teen wins here.

    Sam: Kind of miss the curls but the short hair, glasses and gayer looks fantastic on you. Nice evolution.

    Cat: Yay for finding happy making community!

    Elise: Congrats on Parthenogensis and stylish brows.

    Colleen: The bangs were a good call.

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