Is it a Lyric from a Traditional Kenyon Song or a Quote from L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics?


Liberal arts college or cult? Drinking Everclear or going clear? K-card access or E-meter practice? Auditing a class or auditing John Travolta? Theta or Thetan? Sea Semester or Sea Org? Philander Chase or L. Ron Hubbard?

After the brief glance at the Scientology wikipedia page to jog my memory of the topics covered in the HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the prison of belief (which I have seen at least twice), I noticed that Kenyon College has a lot more in common with the Church of Scientology than the administration would care to divulge.

Scientologists may have yet to adopt jean jackets, cuffed jeans and Blundstones for their uniforms, but because of the striking similarities between Kenyon and Scientology, I have put together a little test.

To discover if you should go here, to Kenyon College, or rather move to Los Angeles and chill with Tom Cruise and David Miscavige let us know if these are lyrics from Kenyon songs or quotes from Dianetics.

  1. “Thy beauty strikes a chord of harmony, and lends us to our high endeavor: Thy glorious name…”
  2. “A great climate change, such as the one which packed so many mammoth in Siberian ice, may overload the suppressor of life…”
  3. “Both old and young with single tongue, unite…”
  4. “A dinosaur destroys all his food and so destroys the dinosaur.”
  5. “Was man himself a brotherhood of man?”
  6. “Life is much more complicated than the business of killing grizzlies”
  7. “There is a method of thinking which man did not know he had.”
  8. “People relive without being drugged”
  9. “Anything forgotten is a festering sore when is has despair connected with it.”
  10. “Spitting is the same as a horse is the same as God.”0_WLl0FUolV6zf6sPs

Answers: It doesn’t matter because the Church of Scientology has now put your name and everyone you’ve ever made eye contact with names on a list of easy targets to indoctrinate. (This includes the amish because, yes, the scientologists have tabs on them too)

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