10 o’clock list: Social Board Promises Sendoff Act Will Actually Show Up This Year

Kenyon students love nothing more than recalling ambiguous memories about Sendoff. Even if you spent a mere two minutes in the pouring rain watching some dude named Bas you still end up looking back with nostalgia on sitting on South Quad drinking a lukewarm Keystone. Kenyon students are far too familiar with having almost great experiences; however, as no one has yet to cancel on us this year, Sendoff seems promising.

Thus, we’ve gathered the best possible options for Sendoff 2018:

  1. Hoodie Allen
  2. An artistic collaboration between America’s Top Bar Mitzvah DJ’s
  3. Shaggy (censored, respectful versions of his songs only)
  4. Aly & AJ
  5. Lena Dunham, Jon Hamm, and Earl Sweatshirt singing the a cappella version of “Maybe This Time”
  6. Allison Janney’s Oscar acceptance speech on repeat
  7. Bowling For Soup
  8. A silent slideshow of the blueprints for the new library
  9. Someone that probably sounds like Florist

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