Frick/Marry/Kill; Kenyon Buildings

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 2.34.01 PM.png

In light of the housing lottery, the construction (cough Asbestos cough), and the apparent lack of good weather– people are really spending more time thinking about, looking at, and existing inside Kenyon buildings. They’re one of the main ways the college controls and patrols us– and in that way they both literally and figuratively surround us. Does this make sense? What I’m saying?

Anyway, I can’t stop playing this game with people. The time honored tradition of playing FMK with people has evolved into places and things. This is a fun, interactive Thrill post so be sure to bring this up at Peirce, the non-silent study spaces in the libraryand maybe– I don’t know– Rosse? Is that where people hang out?? I kind of got carried away with this, but I also had fun– who even cares anymore you know.

  • New Apts, Tafts, Aclands
  • Horvitz, The Farm, Gund Gallery
  • Leonard, Ascension, the Bolton Theater
  • Caples, Watson, McBride
  • the KAC, Bexley, Peirce
  • Manning, Hanna, Samuel Mather
  • Rosse, Milks, Bolton Dance Studio
  • Bushnell, the Registrar’s Office, Cromwell Cottage

  • the Market, the New Bookstore, Wiggin
  • Post Office, Health Center, the Weather Vane
  • Old Kenyon, the Horn, Peirce Pub
  • Old Side Long Table, Old Side weird Circle Table, New Side Circle Table
  • Black Box, Weaver, Bexley
  • Ichiban, Fiesta, Hunan
  • the Deli (RIP), the Servery when it’s busy, and the People’s Bank of Gambier
  • the BFEC, Gund Gallery, Finn House
  • the Graveyard, the Modules, Sunset Cottage
  • Southside, Kroger, Panera
  • Rite Aid, Chipotle, Ruby Tuesdays
  • the Health Center, Urgent Care, Knox County Community Hospital
  • Premiere Movie Theater, the Bowling Alley, the Gap Trail
  • *a deep cut for those who understand*– Meadow Lane, Port, Pink Door
  • Comfort, Vegetarian, Soup
  • Panko Rice, the Omelette Line, Deconstructed Sushi
  • the KAC Hill, Karaoke at Peirce during a meal, The Modules
  • Circulation, Multimedia, and Reference
  • Helpline, the Printers, and Periodicals

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