Shared Experiences Every Kenyon Student Had Before Kenyon


Kenyon is a small place and a strange place. It takes a certain type of person to willingly give up four years of their life, their youth, their energy, their innocent, happy glow, to the rough-n-tumble fields of rural central Ohio. Partly because of how insular our community is, we all form a collective hive-mind/groupthink where everyone graduates somehow looking like this:


But beyond that, I’ve found that there are certain experiences that connect Kenyon students before they ever step foot on this campus.

We, for all example, all seemed to really love John Green right around freshman year of high school. We also partake in an intense illusion that such phase never happened, insist that it had no bearing on our decision to come here, and have a general disgust at the thought of how “into” the fact that we go to Kenyon our 13-year-old selves would be.

We also all seemed to like Glee a lot? When I graduated high school, I hadn’t thought about Glee in years. I never even watched past season three. Now, I feel like I have weekly conversations about it, can tell you my favorite Glee song without a moment’s notice (it’s “Rumour Has It/Someone Like You”), and spent a considerate amount of time in the past week talking about how Lea Michele may or may not be illiterate. And a good portion of people at this school claim that they were tumblr famous.

We also all thought we’d be going to a college with a library instead of trailers. Funny how that works out.

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