It Happened to Him: The Last Housing Lottery Pick in All the Land


The Housing Lottery has been the talk of the town for the last few weeks. An all-out bloodbath in the name of getting a south campus single, or an NCA with your friends, or even just a single in Mather, as long as you aren’t on the first floor. While I am a first year and had my rooming situation in place previously (thank you, sweet, sweet Zeta division housing), I am trying to feel empathic for those who have no options but to buddy up to a roommate-less friend of a friend in hopes of not getting the absolute worst possible option.

While sometimes we lose sight of our first-year selves, I am here to share the experience of one member of the class of 2021 who pulled the shortest of short straws. So short, so small, short as your friend with the shortest temper upon seeing the Hellish sight of study pods on Peirce lawn.

Our friend Ken Wu shared his story with us. If you enjoy our column “It Happened to Me”, it happened to him: first-year Ken Wu has the last pick in the entire school’s housing lottery. And we have an inside scoop on how he is doing (all direct comment from a personal email). 

What were you expecting from the housing lottery before you got your number?

I was initially expecting to get somewhat of a higher number….but ya…we all lose sometimes I guess. I’ll be fine……..maybe.

Where would you ideally live? Where do you think you’ll live? What’s the roommate situation?

Santorini, Greece with my dog and my brother. Reality? Caples. But at least I’ll enjoy my roommate’s fresh English peppermint tea.

How do you feel about your number? What was your reaction?

Let’s be real for a second. No one entered the lottery hoping to get the last number, but someone has to. It’s all part of the game. We had a good laugh about it. That’s all that matters. yea but nah…


Meme credit to Kenyon Memes for Philandering Teens


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