10 o’clock list: Things We Love To Do In Olin… (Before They Tear It Down!)

5138255705_96aabf81ba_b As the trailers are rolling into campus and Olin’s days are fleeting, it’s time to remember our favorite activities to do in the library. As much as we love to hate Olin, it’s truly been a home to many late night study dates, cry sessions, and complaints. So… it’s important to take a look back and recognize our best Olin moments. 1. Dress, shake, and devour an entire salad with meat on the second floor to let everyone know you “literally have no time to eat” We get it. You’re hungry. But really? Come on

2. Break up with your significant other in Periodicals so they can’t yell at you. Sometimes you just don’t wanna hear it. Literally

3. Pretentiously excuse yourself for an “important phone call” and pace back and forth with headphones at the top of the stairs when really it’s just your mom breaking the news that you have a balance of zero dollars on your k-card. Yikes big spender!

4. Sit on the second floor for five hours complaining in a somewhat low register about how “insanely stressed” you are, “how much work you have”, and how you “need 9 hours of sleep to function but only got like 6.” If you got 6 hours you’re lucky. I only got 5 feel bad for me.

5. Answer a call from the friend you’re avoiding with your best whisper-voice pretending to be on the third floor when actually you’re in Peirce.

6. Retreat to your secret pooping bathroom and sit playing on your phone for 30 minutes instead of doing the work that “is insanely stressing you out.”

7. Walk through every room in a huff exclaiming, “there’s nowhere to sit” and instead choose bed-rest because it’s the only option for the anxiety that the library inflicts upon you.

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