The Crap in our Refrigerators: Illustrated

A Kenyon student emerges from their final class of the day and heads to their dorm. It’s 4:00 pm and the comfort of their bed is as enticing as a thick cut of meatloaf slathered in ketchup*. That sweet bliss of a peaceful dorm room is at their finger tips as they turn the handle of their door. However, upon entry, the student knows something is wrong; there is an odor in the room. Now, this odor isn’t a familiar odor. It isn’t the dank smell of the hallway. It isn’t the stale beer of the stairwell. It isn’t the abandoned slice of pizza from an all-campus that has been sitting on the water fountain for 3 days. What could it be? The student strides over to the mini fridge in the corner of their room and flings the door open.


* if you do not find this image enticing find me in person and we will talk. Peirce meatloaf is a not so hidden gem. Ketchup is the caviar of the masses.

The following are all actual contents of the Kenyon Thrill staff’s personal fridges.

We are garbage people and so are our roommates.


201804051747 (dragged) (1)

“Half an onion, a quart of cold brew, leftover bombay, multiple half used jars of salsa, and glossier moon mask.”

201804051739 (dragged) 2

“A can of cat food, a pan of melted cheese. A colander of DRIED pasta, a box of moldy raspberries, a carton of old eggs, 483839 takeout boxes, and a tub of yeast?!?!?!??”

201804051747 (dragged) 1 (1)

“Salami, 3 La Croix, Half a bottle of Yellowtail, and one Peach Chobani.”

201804051739 (dragged)

“My roommate’s three sticks of butter (???), a singular natty, a full shelve of cheese, 5 La Croix, a face mask that made me break out but was expensive so I won’t throw it out, a pair of jeans because I heard that if they smell weird but you don’t want to do a full load of laundry you can pop ’em in there.”

201804051747 (dragged) 2 (1)

“A jar of pickle juice, 1 carrot, 2 face masks, and a pitcher of green tea.”

201804051730 (dragged) 1

“My Dutch roommate’s cheese and a half empty bottle of tequila a Beta left on my bed during a weird Friday party.”

201804051730 (dragged) 2

“Strips of polaroid, a hulking bottle of Svedka, several tabs of acid and a bowl of eggs. Don’t put my name on that.”



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