The Title of Your Memoir According to Your Major


Majors. Everyone has one, maybe even two. Some say they are the most important part of who we are here, at this sweet liberal arts college. They paint a picture of what we like to study, which professor’s house we are desperate to get the invite to and even help with the post-grad job search (maybe). One day, we may look back on all this and use the stuff we learned here to tell our stories. Honestly terrifying to think one of your classmates would have the ego to write a memoir, but definitely not surprising. Well, if you are thinking about divulging your secrets, deepest desires, unconventional childhood or career trajectory, check out these titles for inspiration.

English-  From John Green to David Foster Wallace: My Journey of Developing Good Taste   (which one actually went here again?)

Political Science- From One Hill to Capitol Hill, or It Takes the Village of Gambier. You get the idea. Something safe, marketable, and, more importantly, campaignable.

Studio Art- Rejecting the Binary: How to Be a Part of the Larger Conversation. The binary, dichotomy, whatever you wanna call it. We hate it in the art world. It puts us, complex, multifaceted human beings, in boxes. 

Economics-Money, Ball: Reflections on Making Money and Balling Out. Alternatively, Open Markets and Open Hearts: The Challenge of Finding Love While Making a Ton of Money.

Philosophy- Eat, Pray, Love. Let’s talk about the important stuff.

Drama- From the Tommys to the Tonys: How I Beat Allison Janey at Her Own Game. Think you can take away all the roles away from middle-aged women in Hollywood? Well, think again!

Computer Science (pending major)- I Am Not a Human: But Am I Still a Person? Alternatively, 100101101010.


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