First Year Expectations: Sendoff

sendoff chipmunk.jpg

You’ve been pounding water all day. You have a plan of how to get from your 11:10 class to the real action fast. You finished your work so you could start drinking early afternoon, at the latest. You’re probably going to not remember 7:30 on because you’re still a dumb freshman. That’s right: it’s Sendoff time. We asked our lowly little first years what they expected from Sendoff, and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I mean yeah, do I picture hundreds of plastered Kenyon students screaming their hearts out to “I took a pill in Ibiza” in the rain? Yes. As a first year I’ve obviously never experienced send off, but I’ve heard my fair share about its rainy, drunken, and all around weird reputation. Hopefully, Seeb can pull through with some strange, techno, white girl music that no one really wants to dance to drunk or sober, and then Whitney can slide in with some angsty skater boy Mac DeMarco vibes. I can picture people going way too hard to songs that don’t call for that in an attempt to make up for Earl Sweatshirt’s cancellation last year, or some genuinely strange drunk heading bobbing as a quiet alternative. In all seriousness, I think it will be a great time as long as Seeb plays their infamous I took a pill in Ibiza, it rains like it always does, and everyone gets trashed. 

– Izzy Michels

When I saw Whitney, two of the dudes kissed. I guess this is kind of a ‘thing’ for the band. I don’t really give a shit what else goes on at Sendoff as long as those of us who are attracted to men get to objectify Whitney. I hope I see a dude with a Juul who was already angry about how it’s not a rapper or a DJ playing even angrier than before. Drink water / pace yourself / or don’t / happy Sendoff, Kenyon.

– Reilly Wieland

I have very mixed expectations for send off. Part of me is imagining some Coachella/Animal House hybrid. Another part of me pictures a preppy version of Woodstock. Yet another part of me just thinks that nobody really shows up and it is just way over-hyped like a shitty weird Friday.

Here are some things I’ve heard:

  • It rains every year? So you are drunk and wet. 
  • There is a band and they sing.
  • You aren’t allowed to bring in alcohol to the sendoff area (or you can pay for alcohol there?).
  • PEEPS wedding. The seniors marry someone. After they kiss everyone spits beer at them?
  • Everyone falls asleep really early.

– Dylan Manning

I’m not sure who told me this, but it has thus far existed in my brain as ” a weekend long drunken bacchanalia”. It will be loud, it will be extra, it will be ridiculous, and I will be camping out until I am forced to emerge for some spirited raging at my acapella concert (come see the ransom notes #RhoNu). I predict at least three freak mod related injuries. There will be at least one drunk freshman trapped in the construction. I fear for the grass. I fear for the garbage cans. I fear for our collective morality. May we all survive this weekend and emerge on Monday like phoenixes, from the ashes of this campus.

– Autumn Gomez-Tagle

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