Josh Radnor’s Music Video Through a Freudian Lens (sort of)

screen-shot-2018-04-29-at-2-04-54-pm.pngSomehow, despite being a damp piece of white bread, Josh Radnor has done a lot of things. One of those things was directing a music video for Rachael Yamagata for her song Let Me Be Your Girl. I decided this video needed more than the 109,149 views it had at the time of writing this article, so I decided to give you what you really want: my opinions. Also Freud’s sometimes. Buckle up, grab your popcorn and watch along!

Opening Impressions

  • He credited himself as having written and directed it. What did you write Josh? Not the song! GET IT TOGETHER.
  • Allison Janney is a stone cold fox.
  • Those makeup brushes are phallic imagery. #freud. 
  • There are three of her. Three times two is 6 and 6 upside down is 9. 69….haha

The Setup

  • I’m pretty sure Allison is making sex eyes at the camera. Hold on, does she want to ~bed~ Josh Radnor? Wait what’s going on here. She’s older than him right? You’re so much better than him Allison baby.
  • She just put makeup on her….décolletage. Now my dreams are going to be haunted by Josh Radnor saying “décolletage”. Thanks for that.
  • I’m unclear on what she’s getting ready for but she just put a hell of a lot of purple on her eyes so I’m forced to assume that either Allison or Josh doesn’t understand makeup. Also purple=Kenyon= STILL stuck on your college days Josh?? Tsk tsk.
  • The Allison Janney in this video only owns clown makeup.
  • OH shit it’s literally just clown makeup.
  • This better not be one of those weird role-play things. #freud
  • Okay she just put on a wig and now Allison Janney is a clown. I’m beginning to think that Josh Radnor has an inferiority complex about Allison Janney and this is an extremely bizarre way of reassuring himself and his fragile masculinity. #freud-ish.

The “plot”?

  • We are being forced to watch Allison Janney’s feet dance without the rest of her body. I’m forced to assume Josh has a foot fetish.
  • Allison Janney is dancing with clothes now and honestly I don’t even mind I could watch her do this forever and she’d still deserve an Oscar.
  • She’s wearing plaid pants and an army jacket and she looks like every freshman at Kenyon ever.
  • Allison Janney dances like she’s already six drinks in at an NCA pregame.
  • There’s a fish tank. Womb imagery? #Freud. 
  • Allison Janney is surprising herself in a mirror, repeatedly. I can’t even make a joke about this, it’s just what’s happening. God why is this happening.
  • Now she’s flirting with the camera and I am forced to assume that Josh Radnor directed this video exclusively to be in a position where he was able to force Allison Janney to act like she wasn’t repulsed by him (run Allison you’re so much better than him).
  • He’s filming this in a massive apartment; how does Allison The Clown afford this when her only job appears to be looking at herself?
  • Allison is making out with a post. I’m out of words. Freud would be too.

The Resolution

  • Now she’s crying while staring out a window. Turns out Josh’s Sadboi Syndrome is contagious.
  • She just wiped all her makeup off and now she’s four hours after that “six drink deep” pregame, at the DKE Bullseye (RIP) with her friends threatening to take her home. 


Closing thoughts: I learned nothing from this but I am debating whether or not I should graduate from Kenyon with a drama degree. Someone help me. Why did I watch this video. I think I caught sadboi syndrome. I’m either dropping out or becoming a STEM major.

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