First Years React: First Year at College!


We all know the first year of college can be a pretty taxing and all around emotional experience. We asked our first year writers to share in their experience of this crazy rollercoaster ride. 

“Some Things I Wish I Had Known About College: People will just scream in the hallways at night for no reason. Mainly guys. Experiencing an all campus sober is like being shoved into a human washing machine. Any online dating attempts will result in so many awkward moments in the servery that you will want to drop out of college. Walks home alone at night on middle path can be moody, but are often also accompanied by seeing at least seven Papa John’s or Domino’s pizza delivery cars. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO AVOID PEOPLE ON THIS CAMPUS. They will find you, and they will (not) wave to you.” —Dylan Manning

“I am feeling pretty sad to leave Kenyon for the summer. I know the Thrill is supposed to be all about ~jokes~, but it’s really bumming me out that I won’t get to be here. There’s a poem I love by Darren C. Demaree that says “I believe in nothing, I believe in Ohio. How glad I am to be so simple as to write love poems for a state shaped like a disfigured heart”. I love home, but Kenyon does feel like the most special place I have ever gotten to inhabit. Ohio, you are beautiful because you are home. I love you even when you dump snow on me in April. Don’t get me wrong, Kenyon has been a real shit show, too. I’ve been hungover and sad and heartbroken and lazy and tired, but it seems okay to be all of those things because I get to be them here. Kenyon was built up in my mind as some type of magical place through the years that I wanted so badly to go here in high school, and it lives up to it in many ways. But, I hope I can remember next year all of the shitty learning curves that freshmen go through. As an example, I should do my laundry more frequently, not drink too much of the punch at the Delt Lodge and stop talking to boys who are mean. Anyway, I love you, sweet Kenyon. I’ll see you very soon.” —Reilly Wieland


“College is like summer camp and also an intensive in what you used to think you liked.  You don’t have a damn clue what’s going on, you’re inexplicably sick a lot of the time, and Jesus Christ what are you going to do once you get out of here? My room is covered in dust. I’m turning into dust. I don’t even remember what the outside world looks like anymore. McDonalds? I don’t know her.” —Autumn Gomez-Tagle

“First year of college has been a lot of eating, talking, crying, laughing, more eating, and not going to the KAC. It has been dry rice, bagels, and Honduras Light Roast Coffee. It’s been hungover walks on middle path, waving to thirty people you don’t want to see at 9am, and avoiding eye contact with acquaintances. Parts of this year have felt like a movie, others like summer camp, and some like crying in the shower, cause where the hell else are you going to do it? All that said Kenyon is home. Truthfully, Freshman year is always an adjustment, but this place is pretty darn special. I am going to miss it so very much over the summer.” —Izzy Michels



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