Is this a Kenyon Ghost Story or the Plot of a Stephen King Novel?


“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” Stephen King wrote this but it may as well have been said during a Kenyon ghost tour. Kenyon is rife with ghosts which means that Kenyon is also rife with ghost stories. You’ve probably heard of a couple of them, but how well do you actually know all of these haunting tales? Can you guess whether this is a Kenyon ghost story or a plotline for a Stephen King novel? Let’s find out. (Answers are at the bottom)

  1. A fire kills nine people, the ones who died still haunt the building, their feet are not visible because they haunt the old version of the building and the new version was built several feet above the old one.
  2. A novelist suffers from writer’s block after his wife’s death. Her ghost comes back to haunt him.
  3. A couple gets into an argument. The boyfriend leaves the building, angry and drunk, going down the elevator. The doors to the elevator open but not onto a floor, and the guy steps out and falls and dies down the elevator shaft. Later that night, the girl feels like she is being choked and so do the inhabitants of the floors above and below her.
  4. A man taking care of a secluded inn on top of a hill during the off season got possessed by the spirit of the former caretaker who murdered his family with a knife, chopping them up into tiny pieces.
  5. A boy got tied to train tracks at night and then an unscheduled train ran him over. At night the whistle of the train is sometimes audible.
  6. A diver hits his head and dies in a pool. Later the pool is closed up and turned into a dance studio, there are still wet footprints seen and splashing heard in the building.
  7. In a small town a ghost appears every 27 years, it shapeshifts into whatever it’s victims are afraid of. Examples include: Pete Davidson incarnate, a big ditch where there should be a library, and an inescapable overwhelming feeling of loneliness to name a few
  8. After dying in a fire, the ghost of a theatre can be heard singing. Her portrait in the lobby follows its victims with its eyes.


Answers: 1. Kenyon 2. Stephen King (Bag of Bones) 3. Kenyon 4. Stephen King (The Shining) 5. Kenyon 6. Kenyon 7. Stephen King (IT) 8. Kenyon

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