Did You Miss Us? ;)

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Did Pete Davidson really come to Kenyon or was that a communal fever dream?

Hello and welcome back, my liberal arts gremlins! We know you missed us and our goblins, goofs, and gags… what’s that? You weren’t here for those bits? Well for the first years, abroad students, and people who just zoned out for the spring semester, here is some of the juiciest Thrill content you missed out on.

  1. We got stood up by our professors! And on Valentine’s Day, no less!
  2. Lots of Library content. Yep, that’s right. Before there were impossible-to-ignore mods littering our campus, there used to be an actual functioning library. She was sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, and always ugly, but we loved her all the same. What could be a better send-off than sneaking in and recreating the dance scene from The Breakfast Club?
  3. While Olin’s carcass remains on our physical campus, the new library is already up and going in the Sims 2 where our interns are working around the clock to spend every cent of the $75 million.
  4. We hotboxed the mods because what else did you expect?
  5. For one of our many articles about Josh Radnor’s obsession with Kenyon College, we used our liberal arts educations in the only way we know how: to analyze the Janney-Radnor sex scene from Liberal Arts
  6. We made lots of bingos, tag yourself memes, and snappy videos on our Facebook and Instagram so go follow us until we’re famous! We want brand deals!

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